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Contact Rail Heater (CRH)

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Product Features

The Contact Rail Heater  self-regulating heating cable has been specifically developed for contact and 3rd/live rails operating on up to 750 volt DC systems.

Contact Rail Heater is designed to mantain the operational integrity of rail networks, ensuring contact rails are kept clear of snow and ice during adverse weather conditions.

Contact Rail Heater is supplied in single lengths upto 178 metres and fitted with 1.5 metre pre-terminated cold lead with remote end seals.  It is suitable for direct replacement of existing contact rail heaters and will intergrate with the majority of contact or live rail heating systems.  The heater is held in place on the rail using protective GRP channel or angle section and purpose made heavy duty rail clips.

Contact Rail Heater cables and system components are suitable for withstanding the hazards of a rail environment - such as severe and continuous vibration due to rail traffic, immersion in icy water, snow, weed killer formulations, diesel oils, lubrication oils, oxalic acid and de-icing fluids.

Contact Rail Heater cables are able to operate in "free air", totally or partially, without affecting the working life of the heater.

The installation of Contact Rail Heater is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. The fitting of new or replacement heaters can be carried out quickly and easily with minimum track possession time required causing minimum disruption to rail traffic.

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Contact Rail Heater (CRH)
with mounting GRP channel

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Contact Rail Heater (CRH)
with mounting GRP angle

Product Specification

The graph shows the nominal power output at 600V on a rail.  Click on the graphs to see a larger version.

Maximum Withstand Temperature 150°C (302°F)
Minimum Energised Temperature 135°C (275°F)
Minimum Installation Temperature -20°C (-4°F)
Power Supply 600-750 VDC
Cable Dimensions 13.0 x 4.0 mm
Cable Weight kg/100m 13.0  kg
Minimum Bending Radius 30 mm
Click on the graph to see a larger version.
Nominal power output  against
rail temperature

Product, Application & Documentation Links

Approvals and Certification
EU DoC Contact Rail Heater, CRH
Product and Application Datasheets

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